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Choosing the right cloakroom basin

When shopping for a new cloakroom basin the first thing to consider is the space in the cloakroom. If you are limited for room you may want to consider a corner basin, as this will free up a great deal of floor space, especially if you opt for a wall-hung corner cloakroom basin. Cloakroom basins without a pedestal are becoming the most popular option these days for modern cloakroom designs . A wall-mounted basin, of course, can be adjusted to hang where you please, whereas with a cloakroom pedestal you are limited with where you can arrange it. Corner cloakroom sinks are ...

Reno wall-hung basin

Wall-mounted cloakroom basin with unique curved design. Dimensions: W440 x D250 x H120mm CODE: HIB9330. Delivery 7 - 10 days. Price: £169.00 Buy online...

Capri wall-hung basin

Half moon wall-hung cloakroom sink. Dimensions: W455 x D285 x H150mm CODE: HIB9550. Delivery 7 - 10 days. Price: £180.00 Buy online...

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