In today’s world as people are realizing the usefulness of an extra bathroom in the household many people are opting for cloakroom suites to be installed in their household. The cloakroom suite consists of a wash basin and an attached toilet.
There are various designs available in the market pertaining to the needs of the customers.

Designs include wall and floor fixtures. The walls of the cloakroom can be wall papered, tiled or painted. You can use ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles, Mexican tiles, mural tiles, glass tiles etc. these tiles are available in various colors ranging from natural to contemporary colors. Wall paper options are many and you can choose any one style as you like. Painting styles range from simple emulsion to textured variants which portray beautify the walls. You can also place wall hangings on the walls to further beautify them.
Along with the wash basin you can also add a vanity unit to further beautify the cloakroom.

Wall fixtures like cabinets can also be added to provide storage space that is otherwise not available in such small places.
Apart from the above the lighting arrangement plays an important role in the cloakroom suite.

You can use wall attached lighting fixtures, free standing fixtures and also illuminated mirrors. Accessories like towel stands, liquid soap dispensers and toilet roll dispensers can also be added. You can opt for ceramic liquid soap dispensers, or steel dispensers.

Towel stands can be wall attached or free standing and can be of either steel or highly polished hardwood. Toilet roll dispensers are also available in various styles and in various materials.

Though the cloakroom suite is the smallest room in the household, it is up to you to design and beautify it according to your needs from the great variety you have access to, so, make your house beautiful.