Cloakroom suites can be designed to function as your restroom in a very practical and simple manner. This is usually a small size room with a washbasin and a toilet. The cloakroom is actually an addition to a lobby or downstairs floor. This room could be traditional or modern and you can turn an extra room downstairs, such as a drawing room into this small, yet adequate toilet.

Regardless of whether you are installing a fresh cloakroom or even if you are remodeling the downstairs cloakroom suite, you can find an abundance of fixtures, furniture and other elements that might make it very confusing to select from. Hopefully, after reading this article you can make the right choice to ensure that you have a beautiful decor.

You might be wondering why this might be confusing if you only need to add a toilet and washbasin, but when you start shopping this will be clear. Additionally, remember that when you have sufficient space, it will be easy to add value to your property if you are installing a shower and a few storage facilities inside the cloakroom.

However, before thinking about those extras you need to know about the basics of designing this space.

The first things you have to think about when designing your cloakroom will be the space and your budget. If you’re competent enough to set up your cloakroom suite by yourself, this will save you some money, but if this is not the case it is best to hire a professional. You should not forget to include the installation cost in your budget.

After that, you should think about the style, whether you want a modern and traditional look. When you choose any of these decors, you can find a lot of items on the market to satisfy your needs. Traditionally designed cloakroom suites usually have round shape or might have curved corners, plus the regular pedestal mounts and vintage appearance.

However, if your style is far more modern, you need to think more about wall hung toilets and basins – instead of the old-fashioned pedestals. The modern models are sleek and angular; taps will be level operated or wall-mounted and the toilet pans and cisterns are seemingly not connected. Several washbasins are merely attached to pre-existing furniture pieces. The great thing about modern options is that you can find pieces to fit into small spaces and this help to make these suites very popular.