Many modern homes have a space under the stairs, which may be used solely for storage space, but often there is adequate room beneath the stairs to create a small downstairs cloakroom suite.

Of course, with a space so small it’s not always an easy task to fit in a cloakroom basin and toilet. First measure the space you have and assess which item will go on which wall. Traditionally, the basin will be fitted to the wall, either in the corner or on the wall to the side of the door opening. The toilet is then fitted on the opposite wall, allowing for maximize space around it.

Choosing a corner basin is the best option when space is really at a minimum. The only problem with this solution it doesn’t allow for a mirror on the wall, which we usually have above a basin. You could, though, fit a corner mirror cabinet.

When thinking about the cloakroom toilet design it’s worth considering fitting a wall-hung toilet or a minimalist back-to-wall toilet, two great solutions for bathrooms and cloakrooms with small spaces. Because a downstairs cloakroom will invariable have a sloped roof due to the staircase we need to keep the toilet away from this area so there is enough room, but far away from the basin so there is sufficent space. Measure up and ensure you get the balance right to maximize the space.

Another imaginative way to design a cloakroom under the stairs is to board up the space between the sloping roof and floor, and fix a wall-mounted toilet to this wall. This way the plumbing can be hidden behind, and is more easily accessible should there be any unforseen problems with the plumbing.