cloakroom tiles

Tiling your cloakroom creates long lasting beauty. A nicely tiled cloakroom makes a statement that you care about the space. The key to selecting great cloakroom tiles is to choose the right one for the design in mind. It is important that they are easy to clean. It is also important to consider where you are going to put them.

Tiles really are the perfect choice for any cloakroom design and choosing the right tile is a necessary element in the process. Polished granite or marble are good choices. However, you need to be sure that they have been properly polished and finished. These tiles are naturally porous and can hold moisture within the stone. Because of that, they are not the right choice for a shower or floor. The best place to use stone tiles is on counter tops and back-splashes where their natural beauty will be appreciated.

Two very popular tiles for cloakrooms are glass or ceramic tiles. These are easy to clean and completely waterproof. They also offer an abundance of color and design choices that you don’t find in natural stone. Glass tiles are beautiful in a bathroom with a lot of sunlight, you can also use strategically placed lighting to give glass tiles a romantic look. They usually come in smaller sizes so they are perfect for creating dramatic mosaic designs. Ceramic tiles come in every size and color. They are also perfect for every part of the cloakroom, including around the wash area.

We are seeing more cloakrooms with beautiful large tiles and they create a very dramatic look. Using a coordinating or accent color on the floor tiles can create an interesting effect. For instance, using the same color on the floor and then only on the wall trim can really give you a great look if you maintain that color scheme throughout your cloakroom. If the room is small, using light-colored cloakroom tiles throughout the room will make it seem more spacious. Especially if you choose tiles that are a bit larger in size. However, very large tiles may be too big for the spaces between the cloakroom furniture and the fixtures. A good size range for cloakroom tiles is 12×12 or smaller. When looking for great looking cloakroom tiles, neutral colors are popular and mix them up using three or four similarly colored tiles to create a terrific bold look, perfect for those who love blended contrast. If you prefer a more traditional look with an upgrade, using color to outline and frame the details in your bathroom can do the trick. Often, a tiled floor in a cloakroom will be cold. You can use warm colors such as terracotta red and apricot to add a bold flair and give your cloakroom the essence of warmth. Once you’ve chosen which type of tile to use, selecting great cloakroom tile can be a very rewarding design project.